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Fall 2023 Live Shows

Over 50 shows


Music Ed

Krissy Bell 


Not your average dad rock.

Steering with Stern 

Benji Stern


Ever feel like the waves of the world are crashing down on you? Not to fear, Stern is here! Join Benji Stern every Monday from 2pm to 3pm to hear how Benji and his guests are navigating this turbulent time we’re living in.

Reel Radio

Henry Rooke


Classic and contemporary movie scores.

Camryn's Corner

Camryn Banks


Let’s listen to some fun upbeat tunes that you may not have heard before! 

Cassette Classics 

Cooper Glennon


The Best Block for Dad Rock! We also play oldies, 50s-90s Pop, Rock and other retro hits.

Pinch of Alt

Jenna Rudolph, Allison McCarthy


A fun and relaxed show with alternative and indie tunes and chill conversation.

Hysteria Electronica

Pat Propst 


A deep dive into electronic music of all kinds, including but not limited to Vaporwave, Future Funk, Hypnogogic Pop, Rave, and more.

An Hour with Hank

Hank Heimlich


Hank Heimlich plays a seemingly-sporadic variety of songs, a lot of Lorde.

Witching Hour

Aeiris Faloni


Indie and alternative beats for anyone who needs to add little magic to their night.


ENN News Hour

Erin Sockolof


Tune into ENN News Hour for a rundown of your current local news stories, told by student journalists who helped report on them.

Around the Bases

Max Wallace, Sydney Spencer


MLB/Elon Sports show. 

Late Night with Haleigh

Haleigh Styron


Rock music show. 

Lune Tunes

Lily Andresen-Simmons


Different music every week. A blend of pop, bluegrass, indie, country, folk, and alternative.

Grey and Betsy's Unnamed Show

Betsy Schlehuber, Grey Gaul


From pop to indie rock to jazz to bluegrass, Grey and Betsy have the tunes for you, and the insights on those songs you'll want to hear!

Under the Turf

Scott Katz, Ryan Pleasants, Drew Dvorak, Dr. Walker


Tune in for Under the Turf, where we break down the side of sports the average fan doesn't always think about. Instead of wins and loses, or even X's and O's, join the conversation about current events in sports from the business perspective. How does The Eras Tours affect league scheduling? What is Lionel Messi's impact on the 2026 FIFA World Cup?

Jams with Gia

Gia Cullens


A little sprinkle of everything, but mainly rock.


The Chase-Down!

Chase Strawser


Chasing Down the Best of the Best in Sports! Interviews, Analysis, & More

Aquarium Electronica

Mason Carter


Electronic music in all shapes and forms, for beginners and experts alike, hosted by Mason Carter. Sharing digital love and good energy every Wednesday from 4pm to 5pm. Welcome to the Aquarium!

The Palace

Amanda Carter, Zarz Peterson


Finding a space where we could come and share our experiences was very important. The Palace is a talk show hosted by two queens who are ready to elevate and grow together while dealing with their everyday challenges. Life at Elon is not easy, but at The Palace, we are taking it one step at a time.

Gathering the Magic

Sean Golubitsky


A variety talk show where we discuss politics, philosophy, music, and the magic of every day life.

King Gizzie and the Lizzie Wizzie 

Ben Anspach


Rock music show. 

Windows Down 

Dani Rudd, Grace Rand


Tune into Window’s Down with Dani & Grace for some epic tunes. 

Down off the Mountain

Ryan Sease


Join Ryan Sease for an hour of American roots, folk, and bluegrass. Contemporary and classic and some extras.

Avys Got Aux 

Avery Pruskin


Alternative rock music show. 

Revival from the Crypt

Lily Chekouras


A really good vibe station with some classics and some new stuff. This show is good for people who want to tune in and spend their night singing along and vibing.

The Hodgepodge Hotline

Lizzy DiGrande, Rachel Curtis


Join the inseparable best friends, Lizzy and Rachel, as they become your personal DJs, serving up every flavor of music for the soundtrack of your life. From nostalgic throwbacks, current aesthetic favorites, and top 100 songs, "The Hodgepodge Hotline" is the perfect show for every mood.


Bo's Radio Show

Bo Grant


Indie and alt music, as well as some jazz mixed in.


Marc Paillex


A different theme each week.

Frequencies from Frankel

Ahron Frankel


Variety music show.

For Freaks and Geeks

Luke Villanova


A one hour show where I play music from across all different genres. This show is a free-form, music-focused show that also has appreciation for film and other arts. From Bowie to Swans to A Tribe Called Quest, "For Freaks and Geeks" is for anyone who loves the fringe.

The Weather

Remy Beckman


Check your forecast, cool tunes are headed towards Elon! Join Remy Beckman as he plays music as unpredictable as, well, the weather.

The Weekly Weather

Walter Pierce


Listen to the weekly forecast, as well as a few tunes.

Meg's Music

Megan O'Brien


Whether you're cooking dinner or getting ready to go out, tune in every Thursday for music to set the mood.

Late Night Decaf

Carter Craig


A late-night selection of jazz music and good vibes to round out your day!

Sammy's Spins

Sammy Silins


Sammy's Spins takes listeners through a variety of genres and stories throughout the show. Sit back, relax, and take a spin inside the world of music and fun where we grow together to elevate our tastes and lives.

Leigh's House

Leigh Newman


Electronic dance/House music.

The Vault

Will Cucuzzella


Will Cucuzzella and guests take a deep dive into the vault of classic rock, hip hop, and more. Tune in for talk and live radio.


Lasky Factor

Quintin Lasky


Talk about music and things.

Listening with Liz 

Elizabeth Carroll


Mostly bops curated by yours truly, Liz. Variety, might be pop, might be classic rock, might be oldies from the 60s.

Hello, Is Anybody Out There?

George Krupkin


Lil sum sum, new guests every week and a large variety of tunes and topics.

Ballistic Babes

Ally Block, Lauren Mendenhall, Camille Duplechain


Join besties and roommates Camille, Ally, and Lauren as they chat about whatever's on their minds this week, from what anime they're watching, to who would control their limbs if they were all combined into one creature.

Hint of Noise

Charlotte Pfabe


An hour of mostly alternative tracks, with the occasional dash of rock and pop.

Broke Biddies & a Mic

Janeeta Smith, Melanie Rodgers, Khoreen Johnson, Madeline Mitchener, Taryn Vandiver


Broke Biddies & a Mic is a variety show that is hosted by a group of people whom are strongly connected by one word: Broke. This show isn't solely us talking about our broke lifestyles but includes us giving advice to fellow listeners, venting about personal issues, fangirling over our favorite music artists, giving our perspective on Reddit posts and online users opinions on specific topics, and so many, more things.

The Swiftie Hour

Tabby Spell


An hour celebrating all thing Taylor Swift, from her newest releases, her classics, and even the multitudes of artists that have taken inspiration from her sound.

The Obtuse Pasta Show 

Jackson Fender, Eli Orkin


Jackson and Eli present to the public a collection of their eclectic alternative music taste. Ranging from post-punk to prog-rock to experimental hip-hop, this silly little duo has you covered if you get your fix from music that would scare your mother.


Whatever Sounds Good

Keely Garcia, Raiyan Khalid, Mj Johns, Lily Saenz, Isabella Espinoza


A group of friends playing whatever the vibe is each day with the occasional side conversation about everything from how deep the ocean really is, to if birds deserve rights. We're a hot mess but turn up the music and everything's alright.

Chopped Influences

Charles Beveridge


Clean late night Hip-Hop and a wide range other genres. 

S̷̢̾ó̶̼a̵̭͊k̶͕͂é̸̠d̸̼͝ ̴̼̂i̵͕͂n̸̖̅ ̶̘͠B̷̧̋l̷̖̀ẻ̴̦ȃ̵͚c̵̠͑h̸͇̚

Cooper Glennon


É̴͇r̴̻̃r̴̜͒ŏ̵̥r̵͇̈́!̷̞̀ ̴̼͠Á̴͙n̷̡̿ ̵̲̒U̵̧̚ṅ̶̥k̷͍̽n̶̲̚ǒ̶͍w̴͕̓n̸̬̅ ̸͉͝Ũ̵̢s̶̹̓e̸̹̽r̶̲̈́ ̸̳͆h̸̟̉a̸̤͛s̵̖͑ ̴͔͛e̵̪͝ñ̶͕ṯ̴̀e̷̮͋r̶͜͝e̷̩͗d̸̤̋ ̴̰̀t̷̳̕h̸̦̑e̵̝̒ ̶̧̕S̷̤̊t̵͉͊a̸̺͝ṱ̷͝i̵͓͠ô̷̦ṉ̴̑.̸̮̀.̵̪̀.̶͇̈́

Eden! Live @ Elon

Eden Cooperman


My weekly Pop Playlist from LA. 


Living for the Plot 

Keely Platts, Lainey English


Two roommates join together for one epic radio show where they will debrief the week, talk about their lives, and live for the plot. Join Lainey and Keely each week to hear what they have to share with the world.


Eden Perry-Benton


Show highlighting Neo soul, R&B, and alternative rap.

The Philosophy of Music

Alex Sterne


Try and find new music with me as we also discuss existential and deep-thinking topics. I've always said nothing goes better than philosophy and music.

The Rerun

Max Wallace


Recap of the NFL Sunday action.

The Wobbly Cat Hour

Sam Hinton, Alex Nettles 


Indie/alternative music show. 

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