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Spring 2024 Schedule

Over 40 Live Shows!


Hankin' Around

Hank H.


The Award Winning [none listed], Genre-Bending [75% alt-rock; 25% Lorde & Glass Animals], curated by the impeccable [not even close] taste of Hank Heimlich.

Galactic Grooves

Sarah M.


A show with a mix of music that will take you on a trip around the galaxy!

Quintin's Comedy Corner

Quintin L.


Join Quintin Lasky at 'Quintin's Comedy Corner' for entertaining interviews with Elon University's funniest personalities. Dive into behind-the-scenes insights, campus humor, and the latest comedy buzz. Your go-to for laughter and campus fun!

Tunes in Wonderland

Alice E.


A lot of indie, singer songwriter, and a couple other genres of music! I try to highlight lgbtq+/smaller/local bands, so tune in!

Living for the Plot

Keely P. & Lainey E.


Two roommates join together for one epic radio show where they will debrief the week, talk about their lives, and live for the plot. Join Lainey and Keely each week to hear what they have to share with the world.

Off the Bench

Scott K., Max W. & Caden S.


Off the Bench is a classic sports talk show. You will hear from 3 unique personalities as they battle it out to prove their wildest takes, including our signature segment, dadgummit scott™

For Freaks and Geeks

Luke V.


From weird to the super weird- exploring


Elevator Pitch

Colby B. & Tyler L.


Colby and Tyler bring a new guest each week to interview about their Elevator Pitch.


Sammy S.


Listen to me yap about my thoughts in between songs. I play a variety of music and talk about a variety of topics.

Lune Tunes

Lily A.


Lune Tunes is a variety of music each week, usually with a weekly theme. Join Lily as they play songs for loved ones, geek out about song inspirations, and share their mood for the day through the songs they play.

Revival from the Crypt

Lily C.


Revive yourself with a constant variety of good music for every day at any time, along with constant ramblings and good stories from me and guests.

The Obtuse Pasta Show

Jackson F. & Eli O.


Jackson and Eli present to the public a collection of their eclectic alternative music taste. Ranging from post-punk to prog-rock to experimental hip-hop, this silly little duo has you covered if you get your fix from music that would scare your mother.

The Itching Hour

Caroline P.


Tune in for my friends and I playing a chaotic mix of whatever we feel like playing!

The Witching Hour

Aeiris F.


Playing everything you could want in your witches' brew for a little magic in your life ✨


Listening with Liz

Elizabeth C.


Enjoy songs picked specially by me for listening, take a listen to some of my favorite songs and music spanning across a couple decades and genres. Will likely vary show by show.

Hangin' Out With Oliver

Oliver K.


Tune in to experience a lively mix of funky, indie, and upbeat tunes that promise to brighten your day. Let the playful atmosphere of host Oliver Keicher elevate your day and musical experience!

Under the Turf

Scott K., Ella S., Max W.


Under the Turf will explore the behind the scenes side of sports. We will tackle current events from the managerial point of view to consider the who, why, how, and future implications of each decision made in today's ever-changing sports landscape.

Windows Down

Dani R. & Grace R.


Tune in and join Dani and Grace as they dish about anything and everything under the sun! Brace yourself for a whirlwind of chaos, a song or two, and always leave with a smile. It's not just a talk show; it's your passport to unpredictable conversations and feel-good vibes on Windows Down!

Bluegrass Beyond

Ryan S.


Through and through American music classic new and even out there

Hodgepodge Hotline

Lizzy D. & Rachel C.


Join the inseparable best friends, Lizzy and Rachel, as they become your personal DJs, serving up every flavor of music for the soundtrack of your life. From nostalgic throwbacks, current aesthetic favorites, and top 100 songs, Hodgepodge Hotline is the perfect show for every mood.

Steering with Stern

Benji S.


Ever feel like the waves of the world are crashing down on you? Not to fear, Stern is here. Join Benji Stern every ____ from ___ to ___ to hear how we are navigating this turbulent time we’re living in.

Golub Gone Wild

Zach G.


Golub Gone Wild is an exciting show where we talk about anything and everything our listeners want to hear! Send us a message with a topic and we’ll discuss!


The Weather

Remy B.


Weekly strange stories with songs.


Ava F.


Tune in to listen to music that will make you feel uplifted, euphoric, and motivated. Hidden gems, songs from popular artists you may not know, and forgotten hits.

Leigh's House

Leigh N.



The Deli

Tyler R.


Some good ol’ fashioned rambles thankfully broken up by music

Frequencies From Frankel

Ahron F.



Got Milk?

Sarah J.


music and conversations full of calcium to make you strong!

Gathering the Magic

Sean G.


Gathering the magic is a show about nothing so the possibilities are endless. We listen to my favorite songs of the week, have occasional guests, and discuss topics on magic, politics, philosophy, and life

Late Night Decaf

Carter C.


Your late-night jazz hour, featuring a variety of selections from the classics to contemporary!


Hysteria Electronica

Pat P.


A deep dive into electronic music of all kinds, including but not limited to Vaporwave, Future Funk, Hypnogogic Pop, Rave, and more.

Hint of Noise

Charlotte P.


An hour of alternative rock, classic rock, pop hits and more!

Ballistic Babes

Lauren M., Ally B., & Camille D.


Bash with Ballistic Babes as roommates Camille, Lauren, and Ally talk about matters like which roommate would control their arms when /if they all morphed into one person.

Pinch of Alt

Jenna R. & Allison M.


A fun and relaxed radio show with unique music and conversation about pop culture, personal interests, and funny stories!

Hello, Is Anybody Out There?

George K.


1 hour of vibes. New guest every week. Gotta tune in to find out the rest

Reel Radio

Henry R.


Movie scores/soundtrack

Jams with Gia

Gia C.


A mix of everything, but mostly rock!

Played by Jade

Erin W.


Hey this is Jade! Tune in for a mixture of all types of music, no genre here! All types, All years, All languages!


The Spellbinding Hour

Tabby S.


Join local musician Tabby Spell for an exploration of her music taste while hearing commentary on Taylor Swift news, campus goings on, and music updates from a teenage girl in her 20s.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Madeline Z.


a show all about highlighting female artists! featuring musicians such as boygenius, reneé rapp, sabrina carpenter, taylor swift, and MANY more! come chill with me while we listen to music from across multiple genres, both mainstream and a bit more underground!


Whimsical Uncertainty

Marc P.


Weaved through music and talk we take a journey throughout the semester following different themes and ideas.

The Blender

Sam S. & John P.


A radio music show designated for weekly changes in genres, especially delving into more unheard parts of the world to help spread messages and music to newer audiences.

The Weather Report

Nikolaus H.


Weekly Live Interviews with Elon University’s best up and coming student musicians! Tune in for exclusive sneak-peeks, behind the scenes info, and music reviews! Hear the next big thing here, first!

The 8th Grade

Eden P.


It was a time of growth and exploration for me and these are the tunes I listened to on the bus on my way to the 8th grade

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