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Tai Verdes | Concert Review

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Review of Tai Verdes' Concert | Lucas Hozza

Resident concertgoer and photography wizard Lucas Hozza remarks on the recent Tai Verdes concert hosted by Elon. Check out more of his photography at

On November 2nd, Tai Verdes performed in the Schar Center at Elon University. He was the headliner for Elon’s Fall Concert hosted by the Student Union Board. Along with Verdes were opening acts such as The Germaniacs, a student band from Elon, and the duo Social House.Tai Verdes had an amazing set that had Elon students engaged and singing along the whole time. It was an entertaining and uplifting experience, with most of his songs having a positive undertone and happy feel to them. He played many songs from his most recent album HDTV, opening with the songs “Trix in the Bag,” “Kingdom Come,” and “Let’s Go To Hell.” He also played his most popular songs, such as “Stuck in the Middle” and “AOK,” which both have been viral Tik Tok songs in the past years. Throughout the whole show, Verdes had a smile on his face and was an enjoyable performer to watch. He is currently on tour in the west coast to promote his album HDTV.

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