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Bob Dylan | Concert Review

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Review of Bob Dylan's Concert

Greensboro 2022

At exactly 8 o’clock, the lights drop, a brief fanfare plays, and Bob Dylan takes the stage for an hour and a half. He only deviates from his songs a few times to yell at the sound technicians and to introduce the band, but it is clear that this Dylan is full of the energy and love for touring that us fans have been accustomed to for so long.

Bob Dylan was last on the road in December of 2019, just before the Pandemic brought a temporary end to the Never-Ending Tour. Three years later and he’s back, now promoting his Rough and Ready Ways album with a tour of the same name. I first saw Bob Dylan in 2018, and he seemed worn down. The songs he was playing were more than 20 years old, but they weren’t his greatest hits either. He seemed tired and out of shape, with a voice that was genuinely undiscernible in the mix. However, he has rectified those problems and is back on top of his game, with a pleasantly smooth voice and boisterous piano skills.

The material covered in the concert was almost exclusively from his newest album, with ballads such as I Contain Multitudes and False Prophet being the main focus of the evening. However, he did play some new arrangements of his older tunes such as When I Paint my Masterpiece and Gotta Serve Somebody. These songs must be tiring to play after having toured them consistently for fifty years, but Dylan was able to bring a new life to these tracks with a piano-dominant arrangement, a steady bluesy backing band, and lap steel accompaniment that lent an eerie feel to the night.

Dylan closed the concert with Every Grain of Sand, and ignored the crowd’s pleas for an encore, which he usually does. Overall, it was an encouraging night for Dylan fans who hope to see the artist continue to grow and create music. His songs may be slower and more contemplative now, but they are not lacking in quality.

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