Special Announcement

Join WSOE’s executive team by becoming Podcast Director! Become a leader in the podcasting space by managing and overseeing all podcasts apart of Elon University, and having freedom to run the program in any way you like. This position is an hour of work a week max, and is filled with opportunities to get involved with Elon, and build your portfolio/resume. We’re hiring now! Email podcast.wsoe@gmail.com for more info.

Attention Potential Podcasters!

WSOE Podcasts at Elon University is making a huge change. Coming in Fall 2022, creators can submit their podcast pilots and, if accepted, will adopt an individualized production and sponsorship plan with WSOE. These podcasts will be heard across all streaming platforms, all over the world. 


Creators will have their own individual profile with financial support from WSOE, and assistance with uploading, art, and management. WSOE Podcasts will also actively promote your podcast across social media, and keep track of tags and analytics for each show. Creators will have the option of utilizing WSOE’s studio for equipment and recording, or using their own belongings. 


This new system will honor a creator’s vision in their own space, and our current profile on Spotify will become an archives channel for previous work. Millions listen to podcasts everyday, and this is an opportunity for students to professionally launch shows in their own unique way.

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