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Valentine's Day 2023

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Looking for a song to be your Valentine this year? Here are some of our recommendations for this Valentine's Day.

Love is in the air; can’t you smell it? No, you can’t? Well, how about I help you out by listing some great Valentine’s Day songs from various genres that’ll get you feeling all the love!

My first go-to love song is "Better Together," by Jack Johnson. Johnson’s smooth voice mixed with his mellow and endearing sound cultivates the perfect Sunday morning love kind of vibe.

Next, I am a big sucker for anything by The Lumineers. More specifically, the song "Flowers in Your Hair" is a great example of the nostalgia that comes with love. This song is a reminder that no matter how much a person grows in life, the love they felt for someone once will always remain by their side and in their heart.

Now, what would Valentine’s Day be without some good country music? "More," by Hunter Hayes lets everyone know that just when you think flaws might be a turn-off, they are nothing but a reason for someone to love you more. This upbeat and happy song spreads love and positivity all around!

To finish things off, I would always end with a classic Ed Sheeran song. "Perfect," by Sheeran tugs at the heart strings in the best way possible. Sheeran makes every listener feel like they're the one he is singing to in this slow and charming song. Now stop reading this and go stuff you face with chocolate to some cute music!

Jenna Rudolph

Don’t have a Valentine this year? I’m the first to jump for chocolate roses and pink room decor, but if you’re anti-Valentine’s Day or just not feeling celebratory this year, here are some songs to listen to.

First is for those of us spending the day waiting for their crush to text back. Try "Want Me," by Baby Queen. This is the ultimate song to blast while pretending to be the lead in your own romantic movie. This song has a way of shifting from intense to mellow, keeping listeners energized and ready for the next time they can shout out the chorus.

For those who miss their ex — you know who you are! — scream along to Maisie Peters' "Psycho." You really can’t help but be dramatic when singing along to this song — not that I have any experience with that...

I have to admit, those two songs are surprisingly upbeat for anti-Valentine’s Day recommendations. So if you’re looking for an angrier vibe, I recommend "Waiting," by PUP. This song definitely captures the intensity of what you might be feeling on this long Tuesday.

And finally, for those feeling sad about today, try "Be My Mistake," by The 1975 or "Tell Me How," by Paramore, and let it all out.

At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day should be a a day to remember what makes you happy and to prioritize it. I'm going to do that by spending time with friends and listening to "Ribs," by Lorde. While the lyrics may have a bittersweet message about getting older, something about the song reminds me to be grateful that I'm able to go on late-night drives with friends, windows down, music blaring. No matter how you spend it, we hope your Valentine’s Day is a good one. And don't forget to spend some of the day falling in love with music.

Megan O'Brien

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