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The Wrecks | Concert Review

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Review of The Wrecks' Concert | Lucas Hozza

Y'all thought he was finished? WSOE's own fearless photographer found himself in Raleigh last week with an indie band and a mission. Check out his reviews and some pictures. If you want to see more of Lucas's photography from this concert, head over to his website:

On November 1st, The Wrecks brought their “Back and Better Than Ever” tour to Cat’s Cradle in Chapel Hill, NC. This is the second leg of their tour that started back in June to promote their sophomore album Sonder. Known for their indie and alternative style of music, The Wrecks brought an energy to the stage unlike any other. Opening up with their song “Out of Style,” the venue was painted with red lights as a punk-rock inspired guitar progression introduced the band onto stage. Their high energy and enthusiasm had the crowd off their feet in seconds. This was a consistent theme throughout the whole night.

There were many highlights that came from this show, whether it was when a mosh pit broke out during the song “This Life I Have,” or when front person Nick Anderson split the crowd to walk through it for their final song of the night, “Favorite Liar.” However, a moment that definitely stands out amongst all of them was when The Wrecks invited a fan onto stage to play bass for the song “James Dean,” where bassist Aaron Kelley took a break for that song by joining the crowd and enjoying the show. They also played one of their recently new songs that has been stuck in my head for weeks called “Things You Make Me Do,” which comes from the deluxe version of their album Sonder that was just released on November 4th.

The crowd engagement and enthusiasm that this band brought was unparalleled to any act I’ve ever seen. The Wrecks are definitely a must-see band.

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