Meet the Executive Team

Who We Are

General Manager

Danny Gutierrez (They/Them)

Promotions Director

Cecily Weintstein (She/Her)

Promotions Director helps promote WSOE both on social media and around campus. Responsibilities also include working with the creative director to create merch and working with local businesses to create sponsorships.


Reasons to Contact: If anyone wants something posted on the WSOE Instagram or wants sponsorship with events or businesses.

Personnel Director

Ally Block (She/Her)

Personnel Director serves as the primary contact for the station, so any question about the station can be sent to them! If they can’t direct you to someone who can.


Reasons to Contact: Anything related to the station. If your question or concern doesn’t match up with any of the other execs, the one to contact is the Personnel Director.

Music Director

Jamiliyah Ismaiel (She/Her)

Senior Editor

Miles Vance (He/Him)

Senior editor is responsible for curating and facilitating all writing that goes through WSOE. This includes album or concert reviews, the WSOE website, and Zine. 


Reasons to Contact: If anyone is interested in writing an article or review or just has questions about music journalism.

Sports Chair

Javik Blake (He/Him)

The Sports Chair is in charge of being the lead play-by-play voice of Elon women’s basketball, director of all live sporting events at WSOE, and technical contact for all Comrex-related issues.


Reasons to Contact: Anything that is related to the Comrex board (live broadcasting board), or women’s basketball.

Podcast Director

Keith Montena (He/Him)

The Podcast Director is in charge of managing podcasts across Elon University. This includes approving new episodes, managing the host, and approving all rules and deadlines.


Reasons to Contact: If you have any interest in creating a podcast of any type or are interested in signing up to be in a podcast.

Creative Director

Camille Duplechain (She/Her)

Responsible for the visual brand of the station. In charge of designing posters, stickers t-shirts, any needed logos, social media posts, and anything else the station may need.

Reasons to Contact:  Contact with any questions about merch designs, show logos, and pitch t-shirt and sticker designs.

Programs Director

Elliot Rezek (He/Him)

Programs director monitors the technical aspect of the station and ensures everything is running smoothly. Programs is also in charge of programming each month of content and ensuring that music is being played even when no one is on the air.

Reasons to Contact: Please contact if zetta isn't working, you would want access to your shows files, or you would like to run an ad. 

Productions Director

Lauren Mendenhall (She/Her)

The Productions Direction is in charge of the productions room in the station, and creates Legal IDs, PSAs, and Promos for the station to use. 


Reasons to Contact: If you want a promotional ad for your radio show or podcast.

Teaching Assistant

Abby Igoe