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WSOE was created in 1977, and stands for Wonderful Sounds of Elon. The radio station is located in the basement of the Comm School, Mcewen Room 001. WSOE has a wide variety of genres to play and is looking for more members to help add to the vibe!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I listen? 

If you're in the Elon, Burlington area you can listen on the radio at 89.3 FM, or you can listen using the TuneIn Radio App on your phone. Just look up WSOE 89.3 Elon, Burlington!


How do I become a DJ?

Any Elon student can be a DJ, and becoming one is very easy. First, email our Personnel Director at  to receive the show sign-up form and go over a time to meet for in-person training at the station. Tn the meantime, look over these slides about our Rules and Regulations and take the quiz at the end. For your first show you would be shadowed by an executive member to make sure you know the ropes!


How do I become a podcaster?

To become a podcaster, email our Podcast Director at


What music can I play/ How do I request Music? 

If you're a DJ any music that is already in WSOE’s database can be played. You can also fill out this form that goes to our Programs Director or add it into the database yourself. If you're not in the club but want to request something please use wthe form listed above! (It just can’t be explicit!)


How can I be involved? 

There are many ways to be involved at WSOE. Whether it be by being a DJ, a podcaster, or a writer for our zine and website, members have the opportunity to write music reviews, cover local concerts, and more. It is a ton of fun to be involved and can be as big or as little of a commitment as you want.


How can I see availability? 


What’s the time commitment? 


Is there space for me to advance inside WSOE?

Of course! WSOE is run by a specialized (and super cool) group of executive staff members. At the end of each fall semester applications for executive positions become available to all general staff. 

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